What is Tiime?

"Tiime" is a reward token that you get when you perform an action or participate in an event on the Tiime Engine.

Can I buy Tiime?

No. Tiime is earned exclusively on the Tiime Engine. It is not available anywhere else.

What is Tiime used for?

Tiime reward tokens will be used to purchase NFTs from our SecretNFT marketplace (www.secret-nft.com), in partnership with featured artists. SecretNFTs may contain surprises! You may even find CAPS hidden within them…

Do I need a Ternoa wallet to use my Tiime?

Yes, you need to download and install the Ternoa Wallet in order to connect to the Tiime Engine.

When can I buy NFTs with my Tiime?

NFTs can be earned during the "Happy Tiime" event, reoccurring once a month. For now, NFTs are awarded automatically, thanks to our blockchain system. To see if you have already won one, you can check the NFTs tab in the Ternoa Wallet application.

Do I own the NFT I buy with my Tiime?

Yes. NFTs purchased with Tiime belong to you and will be added to your Ternoa Wallet!

Conditions of participation

The use of multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. Any person who does not respect this prohibition will no longer have access to the Tiime Engine.

Why doesn't the link with my Twitter/Instagram account validate?

From now on, the validation of the Twitter/Instagram account link requires several conditions:

  • Having a minimum of 10 followers (you can also contact the support to prove that you have at least 10 $CAPS in your wallet)
  • The account in question must be in public, not private
  • It makes you follow the account @Ternoa_

In case the validation does not happen despite all the conditions being met, please contact an admin (only one) on Telegram and wait 24 hours.

Missions do not appear anymore, why?

From now on, for the missions to appear, you must validate the link of your Twitter and/or Instagram account. If the task takes place on Twitter and you have not validated the link of your account, it will not be displayed. The same goes for an Instagram mission.

I did the mission, but I don't get my Tiime

Doing the task is no longer enough to validate the mission: once you have completed the task, you will have to return to the Tiime Engine dApp and then press the "I completed the mission" button. It is important to note that a spam-like comment on the publication featured for the mission will result in the cancellation of your earned Tiimes.

I have won one or more NFTs, what can I do with them?

You can keep them as collectors, keep them to sell them later on the Ternoa SecretNFT marketplace or other marketplaces on crosschain (Q1 2022)... Also, you can use them as temporal capsules to send data in the future when the mainnet is released (Q1 2022)

Please, check our main projet Ternoa to understand what are temporal capsules : www.ternoa.com

I can't find the answer to my problem

You can contact the support here.

Tiime illustration