Click to Earn

Tiime Engine, the first Click to Earn platform that allowing user to get valuable token in few clicks !

Claim your $caps everyday

NFT APY up to 200%

69,500 active users

2000/2000 Genesis Tiimy Minted

  • WL mint June 24th
  • Public mint June 25th - 26th
  • Reveal July 2nd

You can also play with your NFT
to increase your rewards

Road map 2022

  • WL mint 0.065 ETH: June 24th
  • Public mint 0.08 ETH: June 25th 26th
  • Reveal: July 2nd
  • Rewards start and Orbs: July 2nd
  • Happy Tiime: July 31st
  • Play to earn: September
  • Airdrop: October
  • Metaverse: December
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1 What is Tiime Engine ?

Tiime engine is a platform where you can earn money doing social action or playing.

2 How can I access the Tiime engine ?

All you need to do is follow 2 steps :

1- follow Ternoa and Tiime Engine on twitter

2-buy $CAPS and add them to your TERNOA wallet (mainnet)

3How Can I Check-in ?

Visit our page and follow instructions.

4What is $tiime ?

The tiime is the tiime engine token of the tiime engine. You can swap tiime into caps at any time.

5What About NFT airDrops ?

Each end of the month, NFT Artist will drop NFT to the community. The more $tiime you earn, the more chance you have to earn extremely rare NFT.

6What can I do with my $tiime ?

The more you earn, the better your chances are to be white-listed for rare NFTs. Or you can simply swap it for $CAPS which is the official coin of TERNOA’s blockchain.


IMPORTANT dates to add to your calendar (probably add to my calendar feature?)

The private mint will be open on the 24th of June

The public min will be open on the 25th and 26th of June

The reveal is going to be on the 1st of July

The rewards will start on the 2nd of July

Growth-to-earn + Play-to-earn will start on August 2nd

8 What can I do with my NFT ?

NFT increase your quantity of $caps when you swap tiime to $caps. Then you can also earn $caps playing with your nfts : the owners of NFTs will have many perks. First is the right to play the following games :

  • Tiimy vs IA: earn $tiime
  • Tiimy vs Tiimy: earn $caps
  • Teams vs Teams: earn $tiime
  • Battle royal: earn $tiime

In addition, you will be eligible to get exclusive rewards and the chance to play to earn $CAPS.

Did I mention that TIIMY the NFT is so darn cute?

9 How much ?

Please read our road map

10 Where will be the Mint ?

Please read our road map

11 Bridge

Coming soon...

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