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Tiime Engine, the first Click-to-Earn platform that allows users to get valuable token in a few clicks !

Claim your $caps everyday

NFT APY up to 200%

69,500 active users

2000/2000 Genesis Tiimy Minted

  • Sold out since June 2022

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Road map

  • Genesis Mint: June 2022
  • Booster Mystery airdrop: August 2022
  • Tiimy's pet airdrop: October 2022
  • The orbwars p2e: December 2022
  • Cards airdrop in the orbwars: January 2023
  • Happy Tiime: Every month

1 What is Tiime Engine ?

Tiime engine is a community platform where you can earn tokens doing social action or playing.

It combines click2earn and play2earn mechanics to have fun and get rewards for growing the community and using the Ternoa Blockchain.

2 Where can I find more information on Ternoa Blockchain?

First, you can visit the website at and learn all about it.

Then you can find more information and updates on their Twitter page, discord server or telegram page.

Here's the linktree:

3What are the benefits of holding a Genesis Tiimy ?

1. Being part of the Tiime Engine community

2. Rewards in $CAPS every week by doing social missions

3. Monthly NFT airdrop with Happy Tiime

4. 100% power on ternoa launchpad (automatically before each new launchpad)

5. Benefits of Tiime Engine Ecosystem partner's projects

6. Access to “Holders only” games in discord and win prizes

7. More to come...

4I own a Genesis Tiimy, where can I link my Ternoa wallet?

Join our discord server and ask the community for directions

You will need to associate your wallet following a simple process

5What is Happy Tiime ?

Each end of the month, Genesis Tiimy holders will get an airdrop with NFTs.

Tiime Engine is partnering with NFT artists to provide with quality NFTs to our holders.

6Where can I follow the development of the Orbwars game?

The Orbwars is a Web3 game with a play2earn mechanism built on the Ternoa blockchain.

The main characters are Tiimons, which aim to battle, compete, collect $tokens and build the Tiimonverse.

With the play2earn mechanism, you will be able to win and claim $Tiime tokens and have lots of fun playing.

Find updates and follow The Orbwars game on Twitter:

7What is $tiime token ?

$Tiime token will be used on Tiime Engine Ecosystem and you will be able to convert it easily into $Caps